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Survivors Unite!  

An Orlando tradition, the March 2Cure parade is a vibrant tribute to the courage and strength of cancer survivors  - held each December in Orlando. The March 2Cure proceeds the annual Cure Bowl - bringing teams together to find a cure for cancer. Since the game’s inception in 2015, the Cure Bowl has raised over $4.1 million for cancer research.  We welcome all cancer survivors to join us in the March 2Cure.  

2024 Registration Opening Soon
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A Note from Our Chair

"As Survivors, each one of us have faced the unfortunate challenge of cancer. Together we share the bravery and strength that knows no bounds.  Our journey is not just personal. We have become the beacon of Hope for many who are facing their own battles. Survivors Unite! is our tribute to you. It is a testament to our collective courage, unity, and the power of becoming the voice inspiring our Cancer community.  It’s a bond that empowers us and reminds us that we will never be alone. 


The upcoming Cure Bowl events, particularly the March 2Cure, are opportunities for us to shine a light on this journey and stand as living proof that we can survive this disease.  I wholeheartedly encourage each one of you to register for the March2Cure, sign your name on the Official Survivor Flag, and to claim your free tickets for the Cure Bowl Game. Once in the stadium, join us on the field to spotlight our survivor achievements and our common experience of victory. 


Let us publicly share our dream of living in a world without the disruption in life from cancer.  Through your participation, the Cure Bowl contributes to our Goal,  “defeat this disease and turn cancer patients into survivors, but most importantly, finding a cure”.

Deborah Hausman

 Survivor - Chair March 2Cure

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